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  • Continuous operating temperature of 982C

  • 304 and 316 stainless steel locking ties

  • 0.01" (0.3mm) thick

  • The heavy-duty tie features 45% more gripping power

  • Made in the USA

In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

Heatshield Products stainless steel Thermal-Tie™ is the easiest and best way to fasten any type of high-temperature thermal-barrier product. Use header wrap ties any high-heat application where high-strength fasteners are needed. It is easy to use, and no special tools nor bands or buckles required. Simply pull the tail end through the head and tighten, just like with plastic wire ties. There are no sharp edges and it is easy to handle. The low profile makes it ideal for any tight-fit application. Available as a 3/16-inch (4.8mm)-width 304 stainless steel tie, or a heavy-duty 5/16 (8mm)-inch-wide 316 stainless steel tie with 45 percent more gripping power. Both come in a variety of lengths to suit multiple applications and have a thickness of 0.01" (0.3mm).

Our Heatshield stainless steel Thermal-Ties™ are available for next day delivery across the UK, subject to stock. See our delivery terms for more details.