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Cold Gold Heatshield
Cold Gold Heatshield

Cold Gold Heatshield

  • Capable of reflecting up to 90% of radiant heat
  • Exclusive TruGold™ technology superior to “birthday balloon” gold materials
  • Specially formulated fiberglass-based backing material also acts as a fire barrier for extra protection
  • Should NOT come in direct contact with heat source (needs an air gap)
  • All rolls 0.008” thick
  • Made in the USA

Further Info

Heatshield’s team of engineers has been developing TruGold™ technology for years as they have become tired of people spending a lot of money on glorified stickers. Birthday balloon “gold” thermal-barrier products on the market are use a yellow Mylar to shield radiant heat. While Mylar can reflect radiant, so can aluminium foil at a fraction of the cost. The Cold-Gold™ Shield is made from exclusive TruGold™ thermal-barrier technology that won’t degrade after long-term heat exposure. The real gold colour combined with a full high-grade fiberglass cloth backing make this a real gold heat shield. It can take constant ambient temps of up to 600 degrees Celsius, intermittent ambient temps of 1100 degrees Celsius. Cold-Gold Shield™ is not designed for direct heat contact, however with an optimal air gap of h an optimal air gap of 1 inch or more for maximum thermal reflection Cold-Gold Shield can reflect up to 90% of radiant heat. If you ever have a catastrophic fire, Cold-Gold Shield™ also acts as a full protection barrier because of its full coverage of high grade fiberglass cloth backing. The gold coating will burn away but the fiberglass is there to act as a fire barrier giving you that added piece of mind.

Go Gucci with real heat shield insulation, go with the Cold-Gold Shield™.

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