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Lava Wrap
Lava Wrap

Lava Wrap

  • Reduces under hood temperatures up to 50 percent

  • Can increase horsepower

  • 25 percent stronger than fiberglass wraps

  • All rolls 1/16" thick

  • Made in the USA

In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

The original heat wrap made from basalt fibre (crushed volcanic rock), our Lava Exhaust Wrap™ has all the same benefits as header heat wrap, but with a carbon-fibre appearance and improved durability. The Lava exhaust wrap is 25 percent stronger than fiberglass wraps, giving it prolonged life.

Using Lava Wrap™ on a header and exhaust system maintains hotter exhaust gases, decreases gas density and allows the exhaust gases to flow through the system at increased velocities. Greater exhaust scavenging is produced, pulling intake gases through the cycle faster, helping to lower air-intake temperatures. This results in more horsepower and reduces radiant heat damage. Lava Wrap™ lowers underhood temperatures by as much as 50 percent.

The Heatshield Products Lava exhaust insulating wrap withstands continuous temperatures of 649 degrees C and intermittent 1093 degrees C. Please note this is a real-world-tested rating, so beware of inflated temperature ratings of similar basalt/volcanic rock products rated at 1800F or higher. Basalt (the volcanic rock mineral) is molten (liquid) at sustained temperatures of 982C. Make sure you are getting the original volcanic rock wrap with the honest temperature rating. Installation is easy: Wrap it around your exhaust pipe, using overlap to hold it in place (like a hockey stick or tennis racket grip) and use our Thermal-Tie™, HP Tie Wire™, or hose clamps to secure the ends in place.

Technical Details

  • Insulation type: Insulator, retains heat in.
  • Material: Basalt

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