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Detailing Pack
Detailing Pack

Detailing Pack

 VP Racing Fuels Detailing Pack can be yours free of charge when you spend £60 on VP Racing products.

The pack consists of:

- 1x Power Clean - All-Purpose Cleaner - 500ml
- 1x Power Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer - 500ml
- 1x Power Leather & Interior Detailer - 500ml
- 1x Power Wax - 500ml


In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

VP Power Clean cleans tyres and wheels, dissolve bugs, brake dust and oily residue. Safe for interior surfaces.

VP Power Instant Detailer repels dust, dirt and oil, fluoropolymer formula, adds maximum gloss and shine, for paint, metal, glass and plastic, apply on wet or dry surfaces.

VP Power Leather and Interior Detailer restores and protects, no oily or slick residue, restores color in leather, vinyl and plastic, long-lasting UV protection, hides scratches.

VP Power Wax lasts 4-5 months, applies in 15 minutes or less, no buffing and no residue.