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RX102 RX102 RX102


RX102 is FIA compliant fuel is designed for racers who want 102 octane fuel and the reliability, consistency, and power VP is known for.

  • Complies with FIA regulations
  • Suits most applications
  • Improves performance


*Please note that discount codes cannot be used on this product!


Further Info

VP Racing RX102 is a highly versatile unleaded race fuel which complies with FIA technical regulations. It provides an increase in performance along with fuel consistency and reliability.

  • Complies with FIA regulations
  • Suitable for most Motorsport applications
  • Consistent and reliable performance compared to pump fuel

102 RON (Research octane number)
89 MON (Motor octane number)

4.8 Gallon (18.3 Litre) drum