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Stay Frosty Race Coolant 1.9L
Stay Frosty Race Coolant 1.9L

Stay Frosty Race Coolant 1.9L

  • Ready to use premixed race coolant. Just pour in and go
  • Reduces engine temps by upto 40°C
  • Contains no slippery/Hazardous Glycol
  • 100% Water based formula
  • Maximizes horsepower and torque
  • Contains no freeze protection which allows for maximium cooling

Further Info

Stay Frosty Race coolant is designed for high heat race applications. It is pre mixed coolant that contains specialized blend of wetting agents that drastically improve coolants ability to transfer heat away from high temperature cylinders heads.

Operating temperatures can be reduced up to 40°C and can be used in any application that doesnt call for any freeze protection.