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Non-Slip CVT
Non-Slip CVT

Non-Slip CVT

  • Designed specifically for use in metal belt-type Continuously Variable Transmissions including Mini, Nissan and Subaru
  • Includes anti-wear additives for improved metal-to-metal protection in torque-converter clutches and offers consistent performance over broad temperature range
  • Synthetic base stocks offer improved shear characteristics, improved thermal stability and extended drain intervals (up to 30,000 miles, follow manufacturers specifications)

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Further Info

With eight different combinations of viscosity, slipperiness, and OE-recommended additives packages, Red Line offers the widest selection of ATF available

  • Red Line offers the widest selection of fully synthetic ATF on the market today
  • Each offer improved thermal stability, maintain viscosity levels, and feature lower volatility while providing the required frictional characteristics of each fluid's OEM-style replacement
  • Reduced oxidation and lower volatility at high temperature
  • Allows high-temp operation without varnishing valves and clutches
  • Extended drain intervals

A full OEM compatibility list can be found in the 'Technical Details' tab.

Technical Details

Non-Slip CVT OEM Compatibility

Non-Slip CVT Data Sheet

Non-Slip CVT Safety Data Sheet


Vis @ 100°C, cSt 7.2
Vis @ 40°C, cSt 36.7
Viscosity Index 165
Pour Point, °C -51
Pour Point, °F -60
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40°C, Poise 120