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SuperCool fortified with WaterWetter (Premix)
SuperCool fortified with WaterWetter (Premix)

SuperCool fortified with WaterWetter (Premix)

Red Line SuperCool fortified with WaterWetter is a 50/50 prediluted antifreeze/coolant designed to maximise the performance of your cooling system with superior protection against cavitation corrosion/erosion. Using 100% SuperCool Performance protects the entire cooling system, keeping new components like new for 5 years/150,000 miles and prevents further damage to older components. Red Line’s proprietary coolant additive formula enhances the fluid’s ability to transfer heat, reducing operating temperatures by up to 10-12°C and prolonging the life of the entire cooling system.

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Further Info

  • 50/50 Prediluted - Ready to use
  • Reduces coolant temps by up to 10-12°C
  • All makes / All models / Any coolant colour
  • Petrol and diesel engines
  • Cast iron, aluminium, and brass systems
  • Warranty compliant