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21 Aug 2014

Red Line Synthetic Oil Partner Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines

Old Hall Performance and Red Line Synthetic Oil are now the recommended European lubricant of the Briggs & Stratton racing engines in Europe.

Briggs & Stratton are renowned for manufacturing some of the highest quality racing engines with attributes of; power, build quality and reliability. As an extension to their brand values, Briggs & Stratton recommend Red Line Synthetic Oil for all their engines especially the 206 & Animal racing engines.

After various product tests, Briggs & Stratton believe Red Line is the best oil available for their engines. A representative stated; “to avoid any lubrication issues, we would recommend the use of Red Line Synthetic Oil”.

We understand that this is a great opportunity for us and our dealers. The 4 stroke kart oil is the product selected by Briggs & Stratton, it produces excellent ring seal and is designed to eliminate carbon build up on the valves, pistons and cambers whilst providing unrivalled wear protection.

Red Line also offers a 20wt Race Oil which is very popular among karting engines and Briggs & Stratton racers specifically. It contains less detergency that the 4 stroke kart oil but offers a great blend of anti-wear and protection additives. It also effectively reduces drag in the engine.