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08 Jun 2022


We have just received our largest ever order from @BSCI. A 100 kits of the Ener Core 50 FIA approved pourable seat insert kits which are all going to one vehicle manufacture in Europe!

The EC-50 kits are FIA approved and the insert choice for many teams throughout Europe. The pourable versions are available in several sizes to suit the individual application. The material is also available in sheet form and can be glued together. We can also offer a fully machined insert if required.

The BSCI Lightweight Seat Insert is quickly becoming the first choice for racing drivers alike, especially in endurance championships. BSCI seats offer durable comfort so the driver can focus 100% in the task in hand, maximising endurance speed and one lap speed. However, although comfort is important it is safety which is the key factor with this product. The BSCI engineers have been working tirelessly to make sure the foam seat offers the best protection and performance. The nature of the foam allows the seat to have impact absorption properties whilst providing more strength and the perfect fit in comparison to other moulded seats.

Old Hall Performance are the exclusive trade wholesaler for the brand which not only offers outstanding driver attributes but also great financial and trade opportunities for distributors.

The kits are available and in stock here: BSCI Seat kits