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28 Nov 2012

New Red Line Oil Dealer Race Hardware B.V

Race Hardware B.V.
Brandersmolenstraat 1
The Netherlands
T: +31(0)36-5370689
F: +31(0)36-5371794

Race Hardware is supplying Professional Motorsport Equipment to get you out on to the grid, ahead of the competition.
All our employees are petrolheads and have over 25 years of motorsport experience in a wide variety of disciplines.

"Quality costs money, no quality a fortune. We sell you our Knowledge, Experience and Network. Not just a box"

Race Hardware is a specialist partner in Technical Parts, Racewear and Motorsport Consultancy, active in all major motorsport area's including;

Race, Rally, Rally Cross, Rally Raid, Historic Rally, Autocross, Drag Racing, Oval Racing, Karting, Trackdays and Tractor Pulling.

We represent all major motorsport manufacturers from  all over the world.

Our Headquarters (including warehouse and shop) are based in Almere, the Netherlands. We are within 30 min. from europe's main airport Amsterdam Schiphol and 60 min. from europe's main harbour, Rotterdam. This creates an ideal situation for our worldwide customer and supplier logistics.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5 PM. When planning a visit, please make an appointment where possible. Appointments outside business hours are also possible.

Who to contact with a question:
Guus de Koster: Sales, Engineering & Management
Peter Bergsma: Sales, Warehouse & Shop
Gerda van Ramshorst: Accounts & Sales Support