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28 Nov 2012

NEW Racetech seat with almost 50% weight reduction

Racetech Logo

At almost half the weight and cost of the 29 series, you can gain that critical edge over your competition with the new FIA approved 119 series brought to you by Racetech.

Racetech - winning seat designers for the PWRC Championship and V8 Supercars launch another innovative range of world beating seats.

The 119 series delivers many features of the very successful 29 series, at almost half the weight.

Racetech seat 119 series

Features and Specification

Hans device compatible

6 point harness compatible

Air duct cooling - proven to work

Rear fixing rigid beam to roll cage/bulk head

Chassis stiffening and driver feel enhancement

Energy absorbing foam to head area

Fire retardant fabric cover

Leather wear patches to shoulders

Composite or Kevlar shell construction

Personal driver inserts available

Choice of cushion seats

All seats supplied with M8 x 20mm zinc plated high tensile (12.9) socket cap screws and 22mm x 3mm zinc plated washers

FIA 8855-1999 approved

Brackets available: Side mounts RTB1009M

Brackets available: Back mounts RTB1006B

Unique patented back mount