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17 Jun 2014

BSCI Energy Impact Systems Triumph at Le Mans

BSCI seat Insert kits have proven incredibly popular since the European launch in January of this year, finding a home in many applications including Caterhams, Single Seaters, sports and saloon cars and last but not least the Rebellion R-One Toyota LMP1-L cars.

Selected because of the unrivalled safety credentials and ease of application, the BSCI EIS W50 foam that is FIA Approved for headrest applications is now available in a self-pour, high density driver safety insert kit.  The first kit of its kind that has been subject to the rigors of FIA impact, durability and flammability testing, EIS W50 surpasses all other insert kits on the market.

Rebellion Racing understood the advantages of the product very early on, outfitting both cars and six drivers with the BSCI Energy Impact Systems. In any race, driver safety and comfort is imperative, none more so than the infamous 24 hours of Le Mans.  Rebellion finished an outstanding 4th in a field of seven factory outfits including Porsche, Audi and Toyota.

EIS W50 has been proven in racecar seats around the world, used in major race series in the US, including NASCAR and ALMS and worldwide for sports cars and rally cars of all categories.  Old Hall Performance are the exclusive trade wholesaler for the brand which not only offers outstanding driver attributes but also great financial and trade opportunities for distributors.