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27 Mar 2014

Are You Ready for 2014?

The 2014 season will soon be upon us and whatever disciplines you compete in the criteria are much the same. The first and most important area of scrutiny should be driver safety; the driver’s seat is one of the most important parts of any race car in protecting a driver from injury. Some of the key attributes to a good seat is: Harness geometry, rigidity, driver containment and comfort. Racetech Seats of New Zealand has been producing world leading racing car seats for the past fourteen years. To see their full credentials Look Here. As the official European distributors Old Hall Performance caters for both trade and private enquires.

To complement the Racetech range and cater for Single Seater applications, new to OHP for 2014 is the FIA approved insert kit from BSCI. Like Racetech, BSCI are leaders in the field energy impact systems, producing FIA compliant Seat Insert Kits and foam padding for the majority of NASCAR and ALMS teams in America. 2014 has seen BSCI form a partnership with OHP to bring this technology to Europe, improving safety standard across all forms of motorsport.

High on any self respected racers winter checklist is more power, so don’t forget the lifeblood of your engine and opt for an advanced synthetic engine and transmission oil. Red Line Synthetic Oil is produced using group 5 ester base stocks, the same base stocks used in the oil that lubricates jet engines. High quality base stock have many advantages; less friction, a more stable oil, reduced degradation, greater stability to pressure and temperatures and less component wear. Not only is Red Line Synthetic “The cheapest BHP you can buy” but it also saves money on servicing and component replacement. To inquire about becoming a dealer or to learn more about the product contact us now.

Eligibility can ruin any weekend, with noise being an ever increasing factor in national motorsport it becomes a trade off to reduce noise whilst maintaining power. Flowmaster, an America exhaust manufacturer has the solution, and they have been producing their unique silencers for 30 years.  We know that when sound meets sound it cancels itself out, with that in mind Flowmaster developed its technology to bounce sound inside the muffler whilst being able to manipulate gas flow to produce more power.  Because the sound reduction is not from suppressing or ‘muffling’ the exhaust gas, Flowmaster can concentrate on scavenging the exhaust gases out of the engine, reducing the resistance of the exhaust stroke and in turn creating a more efficient engine.

If you would like to learn more about any of our products please Look Here, or contact us on sales@oldhallperformance.com