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25 May 2021

A quick insight into Lifeline Zero 2000 and AFFF Hand Held Extinguishers


For touring and rally car applications, there is no better foam-based fire suppression system which conforms to FIA technical list 16.

The Lifeline Zero 2000 FIA 4.0 Litre Electric system distributes 2.0 litres of foam to the engine bay through four nozzles and an additional 2.0 litres to the cockpit through another four nozzles.

The #Zero2000 range has new nozzle technology with faster heat absorption and fire knock down capability. It is supplied as a complete installation kit with anti-torpedo brackets and all the components necessary for a professional installation.

When it comes down to Hand Held Fire Extinguishers, Lifeline offers a variety of AFFF Hand Held solutions.

1.0ltr AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher - A portable fire extinguisher ideal for a road car, trailer, caravan or workshop. However, this portable extinguisher is not approved for use in motorsport.

1.75ltr AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher - a portable fire extinguisher for national rallying or pre 31/12/60 historic racing.

2.4ltr AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher - a portable fire extinguisher for international rallying.


Browse the Zero 2000 range here: https://www.oldhallperformance.com/lifeline-products-fire-suppression-systems/zero-2000

Browse the AFFF Hand Held range here: https://www.oldhallperformance.com/lifeline-products-fire-suppression-systems-hand-held/afff-hand-held-extinguishers