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28 Nov 2012

Red Line Oil Partners with Red Victor 1 Racing 2012

Andy Frost Car

Following two successful days at Autosport International 2012, Old Hall Performance are thrilled by the visit of Red Victor 1 Racing Team Principal and driver Andy “Frosty” Frost to our stand, to talk about the 2012 MSA Pro Modified season and the successful partnership with Red Line Synthetic Oil.

Red Victor 1 racing team are proud to declare thier continuing partnership with the world renowned Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation for the 2012 MSA Pro Modified season with the street legal Pro Modified car, Red Victor 3. 
Team principal and driver Andy Frost announced;
"For a number of years we've used Red Line Racing ATF in both our own, and our customers transmissions with fantastic success.

When we finished building Red Victor 3, we looked for an engine oil that would survive the incredibly harsh environment that a methanol turbocharged engine is, but would also work with a street cruise too. Red Line were our first port of call and we were not disappointed.
Red Line are now the exclusive lubricant for Red Victor 3, which includes the engine, converter drive, transmission, axle and wheel bearings!
Along with the product comes the wealth of technical
support that only a worldwide company can give, and we'll be very happy to be able to call on Red Line for tech support and the best lubricants in the racing world!"

Andy meets lee
Red Line Oil Director of Sales Cameron Evans says;Andy Frost Autosport
"Andy and his group do a great job with their car and it is always good to be associated with a brand like Vauxhall. We have a lot of experience with the auto transmissions side of drag racing, expanding to turbo engines working with folks like Mike Moran and Brad Personnett. We hope to bring some our USA success and technical input over to Europe to help Andy succeed"

"The team thank Red Line Oils for their foresight and look forward to working with them throughout the 2012 season.... 

Visit Red Victor 1 Racing, the home of the official VXR drag racing team here.

For videos of the Red Victor 3 in action
click here