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Due to supplier shortages and difficulties in the transportation of goods from the USA, we currently have low stock on Heatshield Products and Gold Plug. We are working on getting stock levels back to normal, in the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience and ask you to ring or email us before ordering to make sure all you need is in stock. - Team OHP

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20 Jul 2020

The only ZR1 Corvette GT1 in history that ever ran at Le Mans! #TeamRedLineOil

Check out the amazing history of the only ZR1 Corvette GT1 that has ever raced at Le Mans.

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16 Apr 2020


This page covers fluid information and recommendations for BMW manual and automatic transmissions, rear differentials, and front differentials on xDrive models. Note: for the purposes of this page, "Vintage" refers to all BMW cars built up to and including the E30 3-series.

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09 Jun 2020

COVID-19 Update

The latest information on COVID-19 for OHP's stakeholders.

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03 Mar 2020


How would you feel if we told you that you could get £250 worth of products absolutely free? Check out the post to find out more and follow the steps to enter the competition and a chance to win this service pack!

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17 Feb 2020


  • 228 mph (367 km/h) on the 1/2 mile (804 m) – a European record that’s stood for more than two years.
  • 0 to 124 mph (200 km/h) in 3.4 seconds (a stock 2020 Nissan GT-R takes 2.9 seconds to hit 60 mph (96 km/h).

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29 Nov 2019


Old Hall Performance will be once again exhibiting at the Autosport International Show 2020. The show will take place between the 9th and 12th January 2020 at the NEC, Birmingham. 

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21 Oct 2019


Old Hall Performance will be exhibiting at MsD 2019 at Silverstone - 01-02 November 2019. 

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14 Dec 2018

Old Hall Performance Exhibiting at the Autosport International Show 2019 - Stand E722

Old Hall Performance (OHP) is going to be hitting 2019 running at the Autosport International Show (stand: E722). On the 10th and 11th of January 2019, OHP will be displaying its exciting range of performance products for both motorsport and automotive applications.

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08 Nov 2018

All You Need to Know About Motor Oil Cold Flow

Engineers agree that most engine wear occurs during cold starts. While the exact percentage depends on several factors and is difficult to define, the reasons include the following...

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11 Sep 2018

What's the difference between motorcycle oil and dirt bike oil?

What's the difference between motorcycle and dirt bike oils?

Most people who ask have an underlying question they really mean to ask: Can I use the same motor oil in my motorcycle and dirt bike?

Sure, you can use a single oil formulation for all your toys (assuming you use the correct viscosity in each). But you shouldn’t. Kind of like you can dump Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil into your machines, but you shouldn’t.

Why? Because each application presents unique challenges to motor oil that one formulation can’t meet. We’ll break them all down to see why.

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16 Aug 2018


Improved fuel consumption remains a top priority for most car manufacturers. one strategy car manufacturers are using is widespread use of fully synthetic oils. How do fully synthetic oils improve fuel consumption compared to conventional oils?

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07 Jun 2018

How to Install Heatshield

Things would be a lot easier if all those exhaust pipes and manifolds were straight when it came to installing exhaust wrap or other thermal barriers to cut down on the heat radiated by the exhaust system. But all those bends are there for a reason, so you just have to soldier through it and do the best you can.

Knowing what everyone faces when it comes to wrapping their exhaust systems in thermal barrier materials, we’ve put together some helpful videos that demonstrate how to cut and shape your Heatshield Products materials to make installation over bends in exhaust pipes and manifolds easier, along with some tips on how to actually install the product to make things easier as well.

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19 Mar 2018


Despite the hassle and cost of unplanned maintenance, too many of us ignore our vehicles until something fails. These eight often overlooked vehicle maintenance services will help avoid expensive car repairs and boost vehicle performance.

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12 Oct 2017

An easy to install heatshield? Noo... don't be silly!

Well yes, it is true. Fitting Heatshield really can be hassle free. We’re betting that while you want a thermal barrier that controls heat, you don’t want to puncture the mounting surface or make any modifications in the process. The good news is, Hea

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07 Sep 2017

Heatshield's TrueGold Technology has landed!

Good news! Heatshield’s TrueGold technology products have finally landed in the OHP warehouse! Finally, you can give your hot car components the ‘bling bling’ it deserves. To kick off the new ‘TrueGold’ range we have brought in three products with the gold shield; Cold Gold Shield, Gold Turbo Shield and Cold Gold Tape.


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25 Jan 2017

BSCI Seat fitting for the Bentley Boys at M-Sport

The Bentley Boys are back and are going to be starting at the 12hours of Bathurst race with new driver Oliver Jarvis but more importantly a new seat. Yes our man Dan has made his way over to the M-Sport factory to fit the number 7 Bentley Continental GT3 car with a BSCI Lightweight Seat Insert.

Drivers Jarvis, Smith and Kane where set on using the same insert to optimise pit-stops. It was certainly a challenge to make all three drivers, which have very different body shapes and size, happy with one insert that provided maximum support, comfort and safety but we got it done.

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05 Oct 2016

Transmission Fluid 101

The lubricants used in a gearbox play a critical role in the operation, life cycle and performance of any transmission. Increasingly manufacturers are prescribing ‘life time fluids’ which often give stiff shifting, excessive wear, and noise if left unchanged. So here is what you need to know to get the best out of your box!

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18 Aug 2016

Red Victor 3 heading to Bahrain to break records

The Red Victor 3 is a 3000bhp drag racing monster. What is even more staggering is that this powerhouse is street legal! The creator Andy Frost has invested blood sweat and tears into this machine in the hope that he can break the record of the World’s Fastest Street Legal Drag Racing Car. Have a read as we look at the Red Victor while it prepares for record breaking attempt in October.

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29 Jul 2016

Absolutely bonkers Mitsubishi Evo VIII code named the Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is just an insane car with an insane amount of horsepower. 1000bhp to be exact. This is a Mitsubishi Evo VIII which is has been prepared to win races at Time Attack Championships all over the world.

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28 Jul 2015
11 Mar 2015

HeatShield Products has Landed!

We are now stocking and ready to dispatch an extensive range of heat management products from the orginators HeatShield Products.

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