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M-Pact Open Cuff M-Pact Open Cuff M-Pact Open Cuff
M-Pact Open Cuff

M-Pact Open Cuff

  1. Comfortable stretch elastic cuff provides easy on and off flexibility.
  2. Form-fitting TrekDry® material keeps your hands cool and comfortable while you work.
  3. Patented Impact Guard™ protects the first knuckle with impact-resistant TPR.
  4. TPR knuckle guard and full-length fingertip protection reduce the risk of impact and pinching injuries.
  5. Internal layer of material reinforces the index and thumb for added durability.
  6. Embossed and textured index finger and thumb provides grip.
  7. Pinched fingertip construction improves fingertip strength.
  8. Armortex® palm reinforcement panel.
  9. D3O® palm padding absorbs impact and vibration.
  10. Machine washable.


Further Info

Easy on. Easy off. The M-Pact® Open Cuff work glove provides full-coverage hand protection with a comfortable and convenient stretch elastic wrist closure. Anatomically shaped TPR impact protection conforms to the back of your hand to reduce the risk of blunt force impact and pinching injuries while you work. For comfort, we encased D3O® palm padding to absorb impact through the hand and reduce fatigue as the day goes on.

Intended Uses

  • General Work
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Towing & Transportation
  • DIY Home Improvement


Technical Details


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