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Due to COVID-19 our physical shop is currently closed. You can still order online via delivery or Click & Collect. If you choose to C&C you will receive a phone call once your order is ready for collection.

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Race Harnesses

Becketts FIA Race Harness

Becketts FIA Race Harness

The entry into the club circuit at the legendary Silverstone Circuit and the entry into Lifeline's range of FIA Motorsport Harnesses.

From £180.00 (ex. VAT)
Copse FIA Race Harness

Copse FIA Race Harness

One of the fastest corners on the Silverstone Circuit these high quality lightweight harnesses will help competitors shave of the tenths.

From £255.00 (ex. VAT)

What's holding you back?

It takes a company whose sole mantra is enhancing driver protection, to produce a new product that will close the loop on safety in the driver envelope. Named after corners on the legendary Silverstone Circuit to cement their British heritage Lifeline's harnesses are manufactured at it's Coventry factory.