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Copse FIA Race Harness Copse FIA Race Harness Copse FIA Race Harness
Copse FIA Race Harness

Copse FIA Race Harness

Available in a choice of colours and approved to FIA 8853-2016 these high quality harnesses are designed and made in the UK at Lifeline's ISO 9001:2015 accredited factory. This ensures the high quality and attention to detail seen on the rest of Lifeline's Motorsport safety systems are carried over to every feature of the Copse FIA 8853-2016 Harness.

Perfect For:

  • Saloon/Rally Car

In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

Our state of the art harness features aluminium adjusters for quick, precise, easy adjustment and release. With the added benefit of lap strap zip adjusters that are integral within the lap strap tongue, making these harness the perfect choice for endurance racing when changing from one driver to another.

These harnesses include high levels of attention to detail such as high contrast pull down loops on both the lap and shoulder adjusters as well as the strategically placed Velcro for communication cables and drinks tubes. Available with both snap hook or bolt-through end fittings. 

Featuring a unique buckle mechanism it has been designed for easy, positive latching, this lightweight buckle has been manufactured from high quality aerospace grade materials, to ensure maximum confidence from the driver that the harness is correctly and safely latched in place.

FHR only.

Colours: Black, Blue


All strap length measurements taken from centreline of the mounting bolts to the mounting hole in the tongue
All straps have a 3 bar slide for easy adjustment of mounting position
All Lifeline racing harnesses can be mounted with their supplied attachments or wrapped using the 3 bar slide
All straps whose adjuster is a 3 bar slide cannot be adjusted by the driver while seated

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