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Due to supplier shortages and difficulties in the transportation of goods from the USA, we currently have low stock on Heatshield Products and Gold Plug. We are working on getting stock levels back to normal, in the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience and ask you to ring or email us before ordering to make sure all you need is in stock. - Team OHP

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FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors
FIA Mirrors

FIA Mirrors

  • FIA Touring/GT Car Mirrors
  • Mirror Dimensions 151mm x 70mm (105.7cm²)
  • Regulation Requirements: GT/Touring/Sports Cars. (i.e. GT Article 257:15.3 / Sportscars Article 258:15.3). Minimum reflective surface area 100cm².
  • FIA Formula Car Mirrors
  • Mirror Dimensions 150mm x 50mm (75cm²)

All mirrors come in pairs, however a single mirror can also be purchased. To do so please call or email us!

Further Info

Regulation Requirements

Formula Race. (i.e. F3 Article 275:14.3.2). The reflective surface of each mirror must be at least 150mm wide, this being maintained over a height of at least 50mm. Additionally, each corner may have a radius no greater than 10mm.

Both Types are available in Black or White and with a flat or convex mirror lens..