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FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors FIA Mirrors
FIA Mirrors

FIA Mirrors

  • FIA Touring/GT Car Mirrors
  • Mirror Dimensions 151mm x 70mm (105.7cm²)
  • Regulation Requirements: GT/Touring/Sports Cars. (i.e. GT Article 257:15.3 / Sportscars Article 258:15.3). Minimum reflective surface area 100cm².
  • FIA Formula Car Mirrors
  • Mirror Dimensions 150mm x 50mm (75cm²)

All mirrors come in pairs, however a single mirror can also be purchased. To do so please call or email us!

Further Info

Regulation Requirements

Formula Race. (i.e. F3 Article 275:14.3.2). The reflective surface of each mirror must be at least 150mm wide, this being maintained over a height of at least 50mm. Additionally, each corner may have a radius no greater than 10mm.

Both Types are available in Black or White and with a flat or convex mirror lens..