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Due to COVID-19 our physical shop is currently closed. You can still order online via delivery or Click & Collect. If you choose to C&C you will receive a phone call once your order is ready for collection.

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Zero 3620

Zero 3620 Fire Marshal

Zero 3620 Fire Marshal

Zero 3620 Firemarshal meets the FIA’s demanding 8865:2015 standard and has been tested using a combination of 3M® Novec 1230™ and an AR-AFFF blend for use with unleaded petrol, diesel and E85 fuels.


From £1350.00 (ex. VAT)
Zero 3620

Zero 3620

The patented Lifeline® Zero 3620 systems are a step change in Motorsport fire suppression technology representing the safest, most advanced, fastest and most validated product available to competitors.


From £2353.24 (ex. VAT)


The latest FIA standard for Plumbed in Fire Suppression systems, 8865:2015 is a great step in both driver and vehicle safety requirements. In response to this Lifeline Released the Zero 3620 Series, drawing on over 20 years of design experience the Zero 3620 systems have convincingly passed all FIA and BSI tests.

When choosing an FIA 8865-2015 system it is critical to specify by the cockpit volume (m3) in order to maintain protection from a fire and the safety of the driver/co-pilot. All Lifeline Zero 3620 systems are described by cockpit volume to make this choice simple. Due to mandated ballast being built into the smaller system there is no weight advantage across the 3620 range.

Suitable for use in all FIA categories but mandatory for 

  • WRC, R5, R3, R2, WRX, GT3,T1, RG-T