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Which System For My Car

All of the motorsport fire suppression systems that Lifeline Manufacture are FIA homologated, so what are the options available to you. The Zero 2000 range filled with AFFF are cost effective and now with Lifeline’s latest development in misting nozzles technology are more effective than ever at knocking fires down. If space and weight are a premium in the vehicle then the Zero 360 range is the perfect option, filled with Novec TM 1230 the zero 360 range features some of the lightest and most compact systems available today.

Both ranges are available with mechanical (pull cable) or electrical (push button) activation, the advantage of choosing a electrical one is that it will come in a smaller and lighter package.

If you have a rally car then you must have a minimum of 3.0kgs of suppressant as well as a hand held extinguisher, we sell these in a bundle at a discount in ‘rally packs’. For the rally packs you have the choice of Zero 2000 electrical or mechanically operated alternatively the smaller and lighter option of the Zero 360 electrical or mechanically operated.