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Due to supplier shortages and difficulties in the transportation of goods from the USA, we currently have low stock on Heatshield Products and Gold Plug. We are working on getting stock levels back to normal, in the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience and ask you to ring or email us before ordering to make sure all you need is in stock. - Team OHP

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Changes To The New Spec Systems

At the start of 2018, in line with a required re-homologation with the FIA Lifeline refreshed all of it’s range of Fire suppression systems.

For Zero 2000

There is a change in nozzles count (increase from 4 to 8), there is change in tubing size from 10mm to 8mm (now every lifeline system runs on 8mm tubing instead of 3 different sizes) and the cylinder is not 3 times stronger than the previous generations with no increase in weight. The result is a more efficient and capable fire suppression system that is ready for any motorsport application.
For Zero 360
The main change is a reduction in nozzle count, by using different nozzle technology we can now off all Zero 360 systems with a reduced installation kit when compared with previous generations. This means that when compared to previous generations we can now offer a lighter and less complex product suitable for professional motorsport applications.