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HRDC Fuel Order Form


HRDC have partnered with Old Hall Performance and VP Racing Fuels as the recommended fuel of the HRDC for 2022 and onwards. Here is how it will work:

  • Old Hall Performance will support each event, offering a dispensed and drum supply service
  • Fuel offered will be a 102 FIA / MSUK Leaded or Unleaded option
  • Free drum delivery to each event, along with free disposal of empty fuel drums which are returned at the end of the event
  • All HRDC competitors will be entitled to 20% off all products listed on Old Hall Performance’s web site, exclusive of fuel
  • £25 Old Hall Performance gift vouchers for all HRDC class winners
  • HRDC ‘Spirit of the HRDC’ Trophy for the HRDC competitor of the weekend plus free VP Racing fuel Jug and Hose

Competitors who require a dispensed fuel will only be charged for each litre dispensed. If you require any of our other range of fuels, then please contact us via 02476 717 100. Please aim to place orders at least 5 days before the event.

Download Fuel Order Form

Fuel Order Form

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