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Heatshield Guide

How do I keep my car cool? Should I wrap my exhaust to shield the heat from underneath the vehicle? Am I better off shielding the heat from underneath your car? Which heat shield should you use? We get these questions all the time, you are not alone. Don’t worry help is on the way. Like all other high performance products, there are a lot of options which leads to a lot of questions. We offer complete solutions that stress the performance gains of heat protection while provide and improved driving experience with greater comfort.

The diagrams below are meant to guide your walk through the fire, keeping you as cool as possible. The same physics and chemistry apply from your street car, hot rod, track car, or off road rig. All guides feature listings with good, better, and best to help you make the best possible choice for your ride. Generally speaking the “good” heat shield solutions are more budget friendly and go up cost wise from there. This will help you make your ride as cool as possible according to your budget and needs. So let’s start developing your strategy to heat control and performance gains.