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Automotive Heatshield

HP Starter Shield

HP Starter Shield

HP Starter Shield™ prevents starter failure caused by excessive heat exposure. Using an HP Starter Shield™ also protects the solenoid and starter from starter heat lock.

From £41.16 (ex. VAT)


Insul-Boot™ spark plug boot heat socks protect plug wires from ambient heat exposure and damage up to 649 degrees C, extending wire life while also increasing ignition-system performance through reduced wire resistance.

From £33.26 (ex. VAT)

Headers can burn your spark plug boots. This can create serious misfires and can potentially cause engine damage. Using a spark plug boot heat shield can prevent you from falling behind.

Insul-Boot – this is the original spark plug heat sock introduces over 20 years ago. Rugged double wall high construction fits almost every boot out there. It has inspired many knock offs but the original is still the best spark plug wire heat shield there is.

Our range of Heatshield automotive products are available for next day delivery across the UK, subject to stock. See our delivery terms for more details.