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Glove Armour Glove Armour
Glove Armour

Glove Armour

  • Fits over most welding gloves

  • Shields pinky and side of hand when TIG welding

  • Allows you to stay in the zone longer while welding

  • Made in the USA

Further Info

Heatshield Glove Armor™ gives your hands extra protection during high-temp TIG welding jobs. The Glove Armor™ TIG finger shield fits over most standard welding gloves, providing extra protection for the outside of your hands, pinkie, and wrist letting you weld longer with more comfort and control. This allows you to stay in the "dime zone" longer for better welds and more efficient welding work.

This welding glove heat shield slides over your glove and secures around your wrist with a sturdy strap. This TIG finger heat shield is designed to withstand extreme heat (constant 982C, intermittent 1204C) without melting onto the surface. The HP Felt is extremely efficient at displacing thermal energy. The “Gold Finger” version has an inner liner of our exclusive RugGold™ shield, this gives it a little more grip to your glove and another layer of protection. Glove Armor™ also allows you to brace your hand on parts that are hot enough to cause burning to your skin even through the typical welding glove.

Our Heatshield Glove Armor™ is available for next day delivery across the UK, subject to stock. See our delivery terms for more details.

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Enquire Now

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