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Header Armour Heatshield
Header Armour Heatshield

Header Armour Heatshield

  • HP Header Armor is easily trimmed and wrapped around headers
  • Product is long lasting and abrasion resistant, with a chemical-blocking aluminium layer
  • Compliant with most header manufacturer's warranties
  • Kits include Inconel wire for installation
  • Made in the USA

In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

Don’t let the heat of your engine make you sweat! With Heatshield Products Header Armor™, underhood temperatures can be reduced by up to 60%, keeping your vehicle cool at the track or on the street. This is the easiest-to-install and longest-lasting heat shield for header blanket available.

Wrapping headers with Header Armor™ keeps heat in the exhaust system and out of the engine compartment. This lowers underhood temperatures, helping with overall engine cooling and with less heat being transferred to the passenger compartment through the firewall. Header Armor™ also results in hotter and faster-flowing exhaust gases, which creates a scavenging effect to pull intake gases through the system quicker. This lowers intake temperatures, resulting in more power. The abrasion-resistant Header Armor™ material cuts effortlessly with heavy-duty scissors, making it simple to install. It wraps around header pipes of small or large diameters, and removal of the headers is not necessary for installation on many vehicles.

Header Armor™ is capable of withstanding a continuous 982 degrees C, with intermittent spikes of 1,204 degrees C. We use either a 1/4" (0.64cm) or 1/2" (1.3cm) BioCool thermal barrier bonded to heavy-duty foil. BioCool is a non-caustic, non-flammable thermal barrier. It does not cause itching and won’t smoke or smell the first time it is heat-cycled. In addition to being abrasion-resistant, Header Armor™ has an aluminium layer that is chemical-resistant and lasts longer than other exhaust wraps. Because it does not wrap around the entire header, it is compliant with most header manufacturers’ warranties. Kits are available for single headers and pairs of headers, and all kits include a small spool of HP Tie Wire™ to secure the Header Armor™.

Our range of Heatshield Products Header Armor™ are available for next day delivery across the UK, subject to stock. See our delivery terms for more details.

Technical Details

If you are not going to cover the collector on the header, you must stop the Header Armor 6 inches from the collector. Heatshield Products Strongly recommends you cover one entire side of your header or manifold including the collector. Failure to do so will cause some portions to cool more quickly than others. This can result in separations at the welds on the collector.

Covering one entire side (collector included) of the header will ensure long header life and should remain in compliance with most manufacturer’s warranty policies.

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