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HP Builder's Kit HP Builder's Kit
HP Builder's Kit

HP Builder's Kit

  • Continuous operating temperature of 594°C, 1093°C intermittent
  • Capable of reducing up to 60% of radiant heat
  • Special weave that allows it to expand and contract over fittings
  • Helps to prevent vapour lock, protects wires from melting, shields oil and brake lines
  • Bulk rolls available
  • Made in the USA

In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

Old school looks with modern Heatshield technology! HP Heat Shield Kits feature a heat protective thermal sleeve capable of withstanding 594°C continuously. This non-flammable sleeve has a special weave that allows it to expand and contract over fittings, terminals, and more. These sleeves can protect fuel lines, preventing vapour lock. They can also be used to protect wires from heat damage and allow you to hide your wiring. The 1/2" (1.3cm) id sleeve is ideal for shielding most Harley and motorcycle fuel lines, helping to stop vapour lock and improve performance. The smaller 5/16" (8mm) sleeve is great for small wire looms and brake lines. The 5/8" (1.6cm) inside diameter sleeves are ideal for protecting your oil lines from heat damage caused by being too close to the motor or exhaust. Try the 1 1/4" (3.2cm) inside diameters sleeves for your sport and moto bike radiator lines. So add some heat protection and make your ride a cooler one.

Our range of Heatshield Products Builder's Kits are available for next day delivery across the UK, subject to stock. See our delivery terms for more details.

Technical Details

  • Insulation type: Dissipates heat
  • Base material: Fiberglass
  • Colour: Black

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