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Seat Fitting Service

Old Hall Performance Ltd are proud to offer a compehensive seat insert fitting service with the ENERCORE EC50 material that is featured on the FIA Tecnical list #50. We have the ability and specilist knowledge to cater for every level in motorsport and excel in producing inserts with a racing advantage whether it be, driver support, containment or maxamising driver change time in endurance racing.

ENERCORE EC-50 has been developed as a superior energy absorbtion material specifically for the motorsport industry, exceeding the safety, comfort and performance of current systems on the market today.

As testimate to the product Old Hall Performance Ltd currently work with the majority of GT and Sport car manufacturers directly, as well as EC50 being the homologated material for seat insert construction in LMP1.

Please get in touch for more information: +44 (0) 2476 717 100