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FIA Approved Seat Insert Kit & Head Restraint
FIA Approved Seat Insert Kit & Head Restraint

FIA Approved Seat Insert Kit & Head Restraint

BSCI, Inc. continues its advancement in the development of foam for use in energy management in motorsports. Through extensive research and development, we have developed foam to meet and exceed FIA specification for materials used in sports car headrests for driver safety in motorsports. ENER-CORE EC 50 was developed in accordance with higher standards governing the materials that can be used for head protection. EC 50 will not melt or drip in a fire and is also a self-extinguishing material.

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Further Info

EC 50 can be molded by BSCI, Inc. to fit complex shapes and designs. EC 50 is also available in block or sheet in one color (orange) and is easily machined or cut to the desired shape.


  • Material: Open-cell, highly engineered EA urethane foam
  • Density: 4.7 lb. /cubic foot
  • Operating temperature: 400 Fahrenheit

EC 50 is available in the following standard size:

  • 16 x 36 outside dimensions and can be cut from .125"- 5" thick