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Machined Door Inserts

Old Hall Performance are very proud to offer a fully machined door insert service, this service is available using the Impaxx 300 or the Impaxx 500 foam. Inserts start from as little as £150 + VAT per insert with a short lead time. All we require is a CAD file in the appropriate format to quote and provide a lead time.

We have provided machined inserts for a number of motorsport teams and OE manufactures. Please see the pictures for samples of the inserts we have produced.

Please contact us on sales@OldHallPerformance.com or +44 02476 717 100 for a quote or more information on this service

Impaxx 300

The impaxx range of foams are the recommended and mandatory energy absorbing material for many series, championships and supercars including the BTCC and GT4 cars.

The foam is the most efficient and effective solution in the automotive and motorsport industry. Although safety is the priority with the foam, it provides a large weight saving against its competitors which makes it the choice for motorsport applications

  • Made from strong and lightweight highly engineered extruded thermoplastic foam
  • It is a strong, low density closed cell foam
  • Achieves superior performance compared to expanded polypropylene bead foams (EPP), polyurethane foams (PU) and thermoformed plastic parts
  • Up to 91% lighter than competitors versions
  • Over 90% efficient at absorbing energy
  • Is easily workable and machinable
  • Maintains structural stability in extreme temperatures