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Impaxx Impact Foam Impaxx Impact Foam Impaxx Impact Foam Impaxx Impact Foam Impaxx Impact Foam Impaxx Impact Foam Impaxx Impact Foam
Impaxx Impact Foam

Impaxx Impact Foam

The Impaxx 300 foam is the recommended and mandatory energy absorbing material for many series, championships and supercars including the BTCC and GT4 cars.

The foam is the most efficient and effective solution in the automotive and motorsport industry. Although safety is the priority with the foam, it provides a large weight saving against its competitors which makes it the choice for motorsport applications. It is also easily machinable and can be glued together to get the desired thickness.

As well as supplying the foam we offer a fully machined insert service from little as £150 per insert with a quick turnaround. Please contact us on sales@oldhallperformance.com or 02476 717 100 for a quote or more information.

We offer the foam in full sheets, 220x60x11cm and half sheets, 110x60x11. 

Due to the size of a full sheet, we cannot quote a shipping price on the website. We suggest, if possible, for you to pick up directly from us in a large van. An alternative option is we can cut the sheet in half and package both halves together which makes shipping much easier and more affordable.

If you wish for us to ship as a full sheet please contact us. sales@oldhallperformance or 02476 717 100 

*Please note that discount codes cannot be used on this product!

In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

IMPAXX 300 – The Material

  • Made from strong and lightweight highly engineered extruded thermoplastic foam
  • It is a strong, low density closed cell foam
  • Achieves superior performance compared to expanded polypropylene bead foams (EPP), polyurethane foams (PU) and thermoformed plastic parts
  • Up to 91% lighter than competitors versions
  • Over 90% efficient at absorbing energy
  • Is easily workable and machinable
  • Maintains structural stability in extreme temperatures