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Impact Door Foam
Impact Door Foam

Impact Door Foam

Bring safety to the cockpit with Impact Door Form. This foam has already been raced tested where the BTTC have made it a manditory requirement for all cars. The foam has strong and durable properties which are designed to protect the driver from side impacts. Although safety is priority with the foam, it has high density and lightweight weight characteristics which allow it to be motorsport focused in the pursuit of speed. The foam is sold by the sheet but can be altered once purchased to fit any door.

Due to the size and nature of the product we would recommend picking up the foam sheet directly from us in a van or large transport. We have the ability to ship this product directly however there is a large shipping cost involved as well as the risk of shipping damage.

Dimensions – 11 X 60 X 220 CM

In stock and ready for next day delivery

Further Info

IMPAXX 300 – The Material

IMPAXX is a highly engineered, extruded polystyrene foam manufactured to maximise efficiency and minimize weight. Providing higher efficiency and improved safety performance than other EA countermeasures, IMPAXX foam also minimizes weight and packaging space requirements.

In addition, it supports better safety ratings, requirement compliance, design flexibility and passenger comfort at cost competitive prices. Compared to competing EA products, IMPAXX foam offers:

  • Stable impact response along the operative temperature range
  • Low development time and cost
  • Minimum production lead time
  • Tooling elimination
  • Higher efficiency and NCAP rating

The material has a directional property and as such it is important when integrating the system into the series/cars that is it utilised correctly, the material cannot be used outside the design intentions.